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Our Top Tips for an Easy,
Stress-Free Move

We’re Jennifer Behar Cervera and Yanet De Castro, principals at the Behar Cervera & De Castro Group (BCDC Group). We’ve brought together our talents and smarts in the Miami real estate market to guide you through every step of your real estate transaction.

We love celebrating when our clients find their dream homes, but we know the work is just beginning once the deal is closed. That said, we don’t want the excitement of a new home to be overshadowed by the chaos of moving. Here are our expert tips for an easy, stress-free move.


Plan Ahead

• Call the utility companies with dates to discontinue services at your old home and to establish services at your new home.

• Contact the postal service to organize a change of address.

• Schedule dates to have your old home cleaned.

• Get rates from various moving services and ask for recommendations from family and friends. We note large variations in pricing. We also note differences in levels of service.  Get the details on what is and isn’t included before making a final decision.

• Ask the moving service their preferred method of payment. You don’t want to get caught without enough cash in your wallet.

• Have a garage sale to get rid of those items and furniture that you’ve outgrown or no longer use. It’s a great way to make some extra cash (moving can be expensive) and also lightens your load on moving day!

• Organize with a local second-hand shop, shelter or church to have remaining unwanted items removed from your home.

• Remember to have cash on hand to tip your movers. And plan to purchase lunch for the team if they’re doing a good job.

• Pack a small suitcase for each family member to carry with them on moving day. This should include a few changes of clothes, personal items and toiletries so that each of you has the basics and doesn’t have to dig through boxes to find the necessities.


• Ask your moving service about the types of moving boxes they provide. For example, wardrobe boxes are time-savers when packing your closet.

• Inquire at local pharmacies and supermarkets for boxes you can use for packing.

• Another great tip: Use social media to find moving boxes from friends who have recently experienced a change of home.

• Label your moving boxes clearly, by room. Color-coding the labels helps to quickly recognize anything that’s out of place.

• Create an itemized list of your packed boxes according to the room. Taking inventory helps to see if something goes missing during the moving process.

• Many moving companies charge extra to disassemble and assemble furniture (beds, coffee tables, armoires, etc.). If you’re on a budget, this is something to consider.

• Don’t cram boxes until they’re bursting. Lighter boxes make for easier moves.

Get Help

• Make a moving day team. Have at least one person in your old home and new home to guide the movers. This is especially helpful when it comes to large or heavy items, like furniture and mattresses.

• Hire a babysitter if you have smaller children who are unable to help with the move or who require constant supervision on moving day.

• Board your pets or leave them with a trusted friend or relative. Moving can be stressful for them, too!

Whether you’re interested in buying, selling or leasing a home or condominium, the team at the BCDC Group are experts in Miami real estate. It’s our pleasure to provide you with the highest level of client service and unparalleled expertise. To see how we sell Miami and to stay informed with agency news, visit our website.  You can also follow us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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